National EAA has many short videos with great tips for your project! The videos span everything from TIG welding to fabric work. Periodically, a few videos will be featured on this page – but you can find the whole archive by clicking here.

Get started with your wood ribs!
Wood Rib Construction Tips-Part 1
Wood Rib Construction Tips-Part 2

No more excuses! Follow EAA’s tips for constructing a tube and fabric airplane! These videos should get you started!
Tube Coping with Angle Grinder
Webinar – TIG Welding Basics


Mike Busch, an accomplished A&P/IA out of California does a great monthly webinar for EAA. Mike covers maintenance for General Aviation aircraft and focuses on mistakes that both mechanics and owners make, the rights of the aircraft owner and how to make aircraft maintenance and annuals as pleasant as possible. For the complete library of Mike’s videos click here.

Mike’s Latest video:


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